Can I place an order using a credit card?
Yes, we now can securely accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal.

I need more information about a book you have listed. How can I contact you?
We strongly encourage customers to contact us if there are questions about a particular item. Our phone number is 406-333-2330, email [email protected]. We want you to be happy with your books, and would prefer to spend time talking with you rather than ship you a book that doesn't meet your expectations.

My book was damaged in the mail or does not match the description of the book I ordered. How can I arrange for a refund?
Just drop us a note or give us a call, and we'll do our best to make things right.

How do I choose among shipping options?
For standard size books, pick a service that meets your needs for delivery speed. If a book is described as oversized, please choose either the Media Mail-Oversize or Priority Mail-Oversize option.

When should I expect my book to arrive?
We strive to process and ship sales daily - almost always on the same day that the order is placed. Orders placed late in the day or on non-business days are processed the next business day. After that, books sent Media Mail take an average of 5 -7 days, but may, in rare circumstances, take up to 14 days. Books sent Priority Mail take 2 -3 days to arrive.
Does Doug Peacock own this store? How can I reach him?
Marc and Andrea own the store. Doug is Andrea's husband and Marc's cousin. He often can be found in the store helping out, but is not allowed to touch the computer. If you write him through us, we'll make sure he gets the message. Alternatively, you can send him a note via his website:

Do you buy books? Or take them for trade credit?
Yes. We offer 50 percent of our prospective selling price in store trade credit, or some lesser percent in cash (in the form of a check). Store credit may be used on any used books that are not on consignment by a third party. This includes the vast majority of our stock. We also happily accept donations of quality books.
Please note: Books frequently sit in our storeroom for weeks or months before they are catalogued, and our actual selling price is based on the market value at that time. What we paid for a book does not absolutely dictate what we will sell it for.
The decision to accept or not accept any given book is based on its condition, resale value, likelihood of appealing to our customers, and the number of copies we may already. Please review the following tips before bringing your books in to the store:
What We’re Looking For
  • Condition: Books should be in very good to fine condition, depending upon their age. Hardcovers must include the dust jacket unless they are collectible or were issued without one.
  • Special items: Signed editions, leather-bound books, Livingston/Montana/Yellowstone interest and collectible first editions are always in demand.
  • Outdoor literature: adventure, mountaineering, hunting, fishing, gardening, natural history, exploration, etc.
What We Don’t Accept
  • Mass market paperbacks
  • Harlequin, Reader’s Digest Condensed, Chicken Soup for anyone's soul
  • Books with highlighting or underlining
  • Books with torn or missing pages, broken spines or water damage
  • Books that smell bad
  • Magazines, family bibles, computer software users manuals, travel guides, text books or encyclopedia sets
  • Former library books
  • The works of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin or other extremist, hate-mongering mouthpieces for the 1 percent.